Rachel K Benson

sculptor, felter, crafter Groton, MA

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I create art because it is what I love to do and who I am. Art encourages me to think outside of the box and express myself in unique ways. Being creative and using my imagination has always been a source of comfort to me. Growing up I struggled with a learning disability and school didn’t always feel very safe. Art class was the one place that I could feel good about myself and more easily express my ideas. I wasn't worried about making mistakes or over thinking answers. I just let myself explore allowing my mind, body and spirit be free. It was the one place with no rules, no right or wrong. I have been creating and experimenting with art since I can remember.
My work has evolved over the years; it is a reflection of who I am as a person and an artist. I have skills in many areas of art, but especially enjoy creating three dimensional pieces and working with fiber. I am a problem solver by nature and love experimenting, coming up with new ideas and making my vision come to life through the creative process.
I draw inspiration from the details in nature. I’m captivated by the texture found on the bark of a tree or the patterns on a butterfly, the colors of leaves in fall, the flowers in spring. My art combines bits and pieces of nature that speak to me, with the addition of my own funky, whimsical twist, turning them into my own design. My work is very tactile and I encourage the viewer to look closely and notice the subtle details within the piece. I work in many art forms, including fiber jewelry, weavings, fabric art, sculpture and natural ornaments. The pieces are multidimensional, including a variety of textures, colors, lines and shapes.
My art is always changing; each piece has its own personality, its own uniqueness, and its own story. My aim is to create something new, yet familiar, to shine new light on ordinary things. I want to generate curiosity and most importantly inspire imagination and a sense of wonderment.


Keene State College

BA in a Studio Art, Minor in technical theatre