Sculpture and Installation

Man vs. Nature- wire, paper mache, bark and moss- 5' x 2' x 2'5"

Regeneration- natural and found wood-22" x 14" x 12"

Don't Sit on my Sitty- broken chair, wood and paint- 3'x4'

Stuffed Ribs- fabric, wood, wire, yarn and paint - 1'x2'

Close up of Stuffed Ribs

progress picture- painted panels for stairs

Paid project at First Parish Church of Groton

close up of turtle puppet

Turtle Puppet- paper bags, celluclay, and acrylic paint- 1'5"x1'

Out Growth- mixed media- 3.3'x3.75'x1.5'

close up

Exoskeleton- wire, tissue paper, yarn and felt- 2.5’x1.25’x1’

Erosion- fabric, felt, sticks and paint- 4'x 2'

The Climb- mixed media - 10'x4'x4'

close up

Sacred Seeds- clay, tree stump, natural objects - 4.5'x3.5'x2.5'

close up

close up

Uproot- cardboard tubes, paint, found objects - 4.5'x2'

close up

Preservation- wood, natural objects, wax, and lights - 1.5'x1.5'

close up

volunteer project at Acton Children's Museum

Surface- chair, felt, yarn, and fabric

Life Cycle- mixed media- 5'x5'

Apple Garden - Styrofoam, duct tape, yarn, paper, wire - 1'3"x1'

Plastic Meal