Street Car Named Desire project

set design sketch for Street Car Named Desire

Model for Street Car Named Desire- illustration board, popsicle sticks, plastic, fabric


Street Car Named Desire tells the tragic story of Blanch a former school teacher on the edge of a breakdown. Blanch leaves her families’ plantation after it is lost due to financial problems. She ends up moving to New Orleans to live with her sister Stella and Stella’s controlling husband Stanley. From the start Blanche and Stanley do not get along. Stanley sets out to prove that Blanche is no good and Blanche tries to encourage her sister to leave Stanley after she witnesses him hit her. Blanche lives in a fantasy world to protect herself from being hurt but she is quickly forced to let go of the fantasy when she faces the most realistic harsh person of all, Stanley.
The focus of this play is on the struggle between Blanche and Stanley or in other words the struggle between fantasy and reality. Blanche is fragile and insecure while Stanley is the harsh, cruel, and animalistic his character is the one that over powers the weak. The idea of reality overpowering fantasy is what I based my concept around for the set. I wanted to attempt to portray the struggle between the two and how they interact visually with each other. Blanche attempts to come into Stanley’s world and alter it but in the end Stanley takes it back.
In my design for the set I tried to take each aspect into account. The base of my set is an interesting shape and angle to add interest. I have multiply layers to add visual interest and to make all aspects visible. I put Blanches be in the front because she is a center character to the play. I located the bathroom in the center of my set because the bathroom and bathing is also a recurring theme in the play. The table is another important aspect to the set so it is placed in front. I decided to have the back wall falling apart to symbolize the breakdown of Blanch and her increasing struggle.


school project for set design